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Published Works

Waldfogel, H. B., Sheehy-Skeffington, J., Hauser, O. P., Ho, A. K., & Kteily, N. S. (2021). Ideology selectively shapes attention to inequality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(4), doi: PDF 

Levine, C. S., Atkins, A. H., Waldfogel, H. B., & Chen, E. (2016). Views of a good life and allostatic load: Physiological correlates of theories of a good life depend on the socioeconomic context. Self and Identity, 15 (5), 536-547. doi:

Select Working Papers 

Waldfogel, H. B., Ho, A. K., & Kteily, N. S. Nudging accurate detection of inequality.

Waldfogel, H. B., Ho, A. K., & Kteily, N. S. Candidate ideology shapes observer perceptions of race.

Waldfogel, H. B., Dittmann, A. G., & Birnbaum, H. J. Social class and construals of the duty to vote.

Select Research in Progress

When instrumentality for diversity backfires (w/ H. Birnbaum, E. Apfelbaum, & A. Waytz)

Partisan tradeoffs (w/ D. Wiwad, N. Kteily, & A. Shariff)

Perceptions of occupational inequality diverge along ideological lines (w/ E. Shafir)

Ideology, exposure to inequality, and perceptions of its extent (w/ E. Shafir)